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Walmart Credit Card Login

Walmart Credit Card LoginWalmart credit card gives plenty of features to its holder. Make quick payments at Walmart.com and their retail stores, and manage your account using your computer or mobile. Being a regular Walmart shopper, you can open your personal account by using your individual User ID and password.

After successful entering, you may perform online transactions, change profile settings, add another profiles, request credit limit increase, receive your monthly statement history, set notifications, edit contact data, etc. Cardmembers also have a chance to get various advantages, for example, special proposals, free online FICO scores, antifraud system, no annual member fees, and savings – 3% on online purchases at Walmart.com, 2% on Murphy USA and Walmart gas and 1% at Walmart stores and any other places that accept Walmart cards. Looks to be a wise choice for those who spend a lot of money at Walmart on a regular basis.

Headquarters: Bentonville, ar, USA
Founder: Sam Walton
Date of establishment: 2 Jul 1962
Owners: Walton family
Director: Doug Macmillan

If you are not a regular shopper, then you should create and register a new account. Please note, that you must be an account holder and have a credit card available to pass through the registration procedure. If you only a would-be cardholder at the moment, then you should apply for the card. Create your account at Walmart homepage and then proceed to Walmart credit card application and click ‘’Sign and Apply Now’’.

It’s OK, if you currently don’t get how the whole process works. Just follow a very simple guide listed below to deal with it and accomplish the process in a moment.

How to login to Walmart Credit Card Account

Go to the Walmart website. Enter the user ID and password. Click “Secure Login”:

How to login to Walmart Credit Card Account

You can put a check in “Remember User ID” box so that the website will remember you on this device.

Video Instruction

Accessing Walmart Credit Card Account from a Mobile Device

To enter a mobile version click the link. Enter your User ID and password. Click “Secure Login”:

Accessing Walmart Credit Card Account from a Mobile Device

Click “Sign In” to open the registration window.

How to recover forgotten password?

If you forgot your password, click the “Reset Password?” link:

How to recover forgotten password?

Enter your User ID and postcode. Click “Continue”:

How to recover forgotten password?

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Comments: 2
  1. Sherry Lonsbury

    Can you put money on a credit card as in add money if you have a zero balance and send it to someone?

  2. Ronald Seiser

    Today I tried using my credit card and the offered $25 discount and was not able to use either. I ended up paying for the items using another Ref# 733900783798 and the $25 credit for opening a new account credit card is 4 05582 55687 5. Very disappointed. Big waste of time. Ronald Seiser :cry: Credit Card # 5239 1415 0887 6228 Security number 859

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