Legacy Credit Card Login

How to login to Legacy credit card account and secure sign-on. Detailed video instruction. Accessing Legacy credit card account from a mobile device. How to recover forgotten password? Actual information about the company: date of establishment, headquarters and director. Real client reviews. Leave your comment.

Headquarters: 1400 South 20th Street Birmingham, AL 35255
Date of establishment: 1955
Director: Joseph L. McGee

How to login to Legacy Credit Card Account

LegacyGo to login

Follow the link to the login page of the Legacy website. Enter your User ID and password. Click on the “LOGIN” button:

Video Instruction

Accessing Legacy Credit Card Account from a Mobile Device

In order to log in to your personal Legacy account via the Mobile version of the website, you need to open the link on your smartphone or tablet. Enter your User ID and password. Click on the “LOGIN” button:

How to recover forgotten password?

For password recovery click “Forgot Password?” link:

Click on the “Go to Password Reset” button:

Enter the last 4 numbers of your SSN and your email address. Specify your date of birth and the number of your Legacy account.

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