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Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card Review

The card that grants you the Gold status automatically.

The card is designed so that to please those who love travelling. It implies a Gold status that is granted to every cardholder automatically and has a very attractive sign-up bonus to get. If you’re the one who plans to use the card on a long-term basis, you’ll find its earning rewards system and the bonus that’s given to you as a present to celebrate your anniversary to be just fantastic.

General overview of the card and our opinion

Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card

  • You’re expected to pay the fee of $95 each year.
  • There are no fees that apply in case you decide to make a purchase with the card while travelling.
  • Once you become a cardholder, you’re automatically granted the Gold status and you can enjoy all the perks that come with it.
  • The sign-up bonus that’s waiting for you: you’ll be given 2 weekend night certificates. These certificates give you the right to spend some time at the Hilton hotels and resorts. In order to get them, you need to spend $2,500 on various purchases within the first 4 months of using the card.

Our opinion: If you prefer staying at Hilton hotels, you’ll manage to get the most out of this card.

The card seems to be great for the following categories of potential cardholders:

  • People who prefer staying at Hilton hotels while travelling.
  • Couples who travel a lot all over the world.
  • People who plan to take advantage of the Gold status provided by the card.

The card isn’t the best option for the following categories of potential cardholders:

  • People who want to have more freedom when choosing hotels to stay at.
  • People who believe that a travel rewards card should have higher redemption rates.
  • people who use the points they earn in order to pay for flight tickets.

Basic features of the card

Actually, this card will let you earn your rewards easily. Below we provide a more detailed information on the value of the points as well as the ways for you to earn them.

  • The purchases you make with the card go under the following rewards rates: 10 bonus points/$1 (for booking one of the hotels from the list of Hilton hotels). 5 bonus points/$1 (for flight tickets and renting cars for your trip). All other eligible purchases will bring you 3 bonus pints for each dollar you spend on them.
  • We’ve come to the conclusion that each point you have is 0,5 cent worth.
  • Don’t forget that there is a sign-up bonus promised to you. It’s quite easy to get it since the requirements are not that tough.

We think that those people who really like staying at Hilton hotels won’t find any card better than this one. These people will get rewards for each stay at the hotels and will have no trouble getting the appealing sign-up bonus.

The reasons for you to consider applying for the card

The card has a long list of benefits that make it one of the best options among those available at the market. Here are the things that will contribute to your decision of applying for it:

  • You’re looking for a status to be granted to you automatically. There is no doubt about the fact that the Gold status granted to all the cardholders automatically is one of the biggest advantages of the card. Once you get the elite membership, you can expect to be rewarded every 5th night you spend at a Hilton hotel for free. Besides, the rewards rate will be increased up to 25%. There is a number of other perks to be aware of. The best part of it all is that your status will never be taken away from you for as long as you continue using the card. This sounds great! Those who managed to earn a certain status with a different card know how hard it can be to maintain this status.
  • You’re looking for a credit card with a big sign-up bonus. The card promises to reward you 2 certificates that’ll allow you to spend nights at Hilton hotels for free. The list of the hotels and resorts that accept the certificates is long, If you plan carefully how to use them, you’ll happen to enjoy staying at really luxurious hotels.
  • You’re sick and tired of restrictions when it comes down to booking hotels If you prefer travelling mostly during the peak season, you know from your own experience how hard it is to find a place to stay. With this card you won’t have to deal with this kind of problems. In case you manage to qualify for the Diamond status (granted to you in case you spend at least $40,000 with the card), you’ll definitely have a room at any Hilton hotel no matter when you decide to book. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to book at least 48 hours before the arrival.
  • You want to enjoy an anniversary bonus with your card. Loyal Hilton clients who have this card will be rewarded one weekend night certificate under the condition that they spend at least $10,000 within 1 year. Once again, we remind you that if you manage to plan it carefully, you can redeem your certificate for a stay at a top-class hotel.
  • You’re the one who dislikes the need to pay fees when making purchases with the card abroad. You can take this card with you when travelling and not worry about any additional fees.
  • You’re the one who wants to be able to pay for your purchases with both your rewards and cash. The rewards program that comes with this card is different from its competitors in terms of that you’re allowed to pay for your purchases partly in cash and partly with your points. This way you’re sure to spend every point you have accumulated on your account.

The ways for you to increase the number of rewards you can earn with this card

The Gold status that all cardholders are granted has certain perks as well. In particular, it allows you to increase the rewards you earn. Here are some recommendations for you to remember about in order to get the most out of this card.

  • Don’t hesitate to use your certificates so that to spend nights at luxurious places. Actually, there are more than 4,800 on the list of Hilton hotels. If you want to enjoy the benefits you get with the certificates to the fullest, use them to spend some time at the most expensive places.
  • Don’t forget that there are other places to stay at. Actually, there may be better places than Hilton hotels for you to stay at. It doesn’t mean that there are no other deals that are better for you and it doesn’t mean that you should focus on Hilton hotels only. Before booking any hotel with your points, compare it with other options and see if the deal is really worth it. If you fail to find any good deal at all, save your points for the next time.
  • Don’t hesitate to invite a friend with you. The Gold membership implies that you can bring a friend together with you to stay at the same hotel as you for free. Some hotels also promise complimentary breakfasts for two.

The reasons for you to consider applying for a different card

Like any other card at the market, the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card has some drawbacks to take into account before making the final decision.

  • The points you earn have a low value. In comparison with other cards that you can apply for, this card offers a lower value for the points you get. We’ve found out that each point’s value amounts to 0.5 cents.
  • The card implies certain extra charges. The gold status doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything for free. Depending on what exactly hotel you choose to stay at, there may apply additional charges for certain perks you want to enjoy while staying at this hotel. That’s why we recommend you getting in touch with a hotel’s representative before booking it.
  • If you want to book tickets with airlines, you need to have more points. Actually, 10,000 bonus points are equal to 1,000 miles with United Airlines or 1,500 miles with American Airlines. It means that you get a low value for your points in case you want to use them in order to book tickets with airlines.

The Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card in comparison with its competitors

When it comes to travelling, every person has his/her own preferences. The same goes for travel rewards cards. We recommend you looking through the alternative options we’ve outlined for you below before deciding whether the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card is your ideal choice.

Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card in comparison with the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card

Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature

If you’re the one who likes staying at Hilton hotels but hates the need to pay for the privilege of using the card, you’ll be interested in the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card. It doesn’t cost you anything to carry, but promises a good sign-up bonus. The only requirement to get the bonus of 75,000 is to spend $2,000 with the card within the first 3 months of using it. With this card it’ll be easy for you to get the Gold status since once you become a cardholder you’re granted the Silver status.

Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card in comparison with the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card from American Express

You’re the one looking for opportunities to stay at more luxurious hotels? If it’s so, have a look at the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express. The value you get with this card for your points is higher than the one you get for the points earned with the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card. Each point is 2.3 cents worth when you decide to use them to book hotels. In order to qualify for the Gold status, you need to book at least 20 nights at different hotels. Once you’re rewarded the status, you’ll be able to check out late and upgrade your room upon arrival (if it’s possible). One more benefit of the status is the opportunity to earn rewards faster.

However, it should be pointed out that there are some facts about the Hilton card that make it more outstanding. For example, it grants you the Gold status automatically and has a long list ofn hotels for you to stay at.

Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card  in comparison with the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card

IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card

The IHG is a well-known luxury brand that has more than 5,200 places for you to stay at all over the world. The card has a very big sign-up bonus welcoming new card. You’ll be rewarded as many as 80,000 bonus points under the condition that you manage to spend at least $1,000 within the period of the first 3 months after you get the card. Since the Platinum Elite status that comes with the card is granted for you automatically and will stay with you for as long as you continue using the card, the card comes as a great deal. The status means that you’ll get 50% additional points (on the total number you already have accumulated). It also guarantees that you’ll always be able to find a room to stay at, enjoy various upgrades and other amazing perks.

Even though the card is especially beneficial for those who prefer staying at Holiday Inn hotels, there are some drawbacks that make the card look not that great. We are talking about the value of the points that amounts to 0.7 cents per point. Moreover, if you decide to travel during the peak season, you may struggle to find a hotel to stay at even though you have a status. well, if it doesn’t seem to be a big problem for you, you can apply for the card right now, without any doubts.

Summary: Is the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card worth a try?

If you’re the one who regularly stays at Hilton hotels and wants to be able to earn rewards for it, the card is the best deal you’ll find. Remember that there is also a certain status granted to you automatically. For you it means that you get an opportunity ton earn more rewards within a shorter period of time.

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