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AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card Login

AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card LoginAccountNow Prepaid Visa account gives it’s holders the possibility to  use the best features paying the cheapest price for it.

Using this card and it’s online account you will be able to easily pay your bills online, check your statements, edit your personal information and recharge your count.

Must be said that AccountNow Visa Card has another nice advantage – you must not pay fees every month for keeping yor account alive. You need to pay just one time a fee to activate your account.

But be patient cause AccountNow Visa takes +1$ fee for every payment you make and this may be a problem if you don’t look out while making transactions. Of course you can pay 9.95$ every month if you upgrade to the Gold version of AccountNow Visa and then you will be free from paying 1$ for each transaction you make. Choose the best variant for you.

When you’ve already applied a card, activated it and registered an account you can login and obtain all the features and advantages of it.

How to login to AccountNow Prepaid Visa Account online

To get logged in and recieve all the features of an AccounNow Prepaid Visa account just follow the steps below:

  • Click the “Go To Login” button above for being forwarded to the AccounNow login page,
  • Insert you Username and Password in the corresponding fields and then click on “Login” button below.
    AccounNow Prepaid Visa account

How to login to AccountNow Prepaid Visa Account online using a mobile device

You can access your AccounNow Visa account even using any mobile device. There are two ways to login from mobiles: the mobile web and the officiall application which can be downloaded from the App Store for IOS and from Google Store for Android.

How to login from mobile devices though the official application:

  • Download and install the app from App Store.
  • Open the application and type in the corresponding fields your credentials.
  • Tap the Login button to finish the authorization process.

How to login from mobile devices though using mobile browser:

Forgot your Username or Password?

If you’ve suddenly forgotteb your Username or Password you may easily get back the access to your account.

Use this instruction:

  • Open the login page by clicking on the “Go To Login” button on this page,
  • Find a link saying “Having trouble logging in?”
    AccounNow forgot password
  • Click this link and follow the instructions on the opened page to get back the access to your AccountNow Visa. That’s it!

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