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About Us

A credit card is an advantageous and modern payment instrument and an opportunity to use the bank’s money without paying interest. A credit card is more than just a convenient method to pay for things. It allows you to carry out purchases on credit, having zero or negative balance on the account. Our website will give a lot of information to our visitors about advantages of credit cards, how to choose the most convenient type of a bank card without overpaying at the same time.

Due to our website our visitors can control absolutely all operations performed on personal accounts, they can get the necessary information about every single credit card, as well as find out the date and amount of making a minimum monthly payment.

Thanks to our site the visitors will always know about the latest purchases and transfers, and about the amount of the minimum payment by a credit card.

The advantages of our site are following:

  • Our site is 100% free for our visitors at any time
  • It provides them 100% security for all the kinds of operations. All the operations by a card are confirmed by the entering of a PIN-code
  • If the visitors have any questions, our managers are always happy to answer them and give additional information
  • If the visitors have any problems with any kind of operations, the specialists of our site will contact them and help them to solve their problems

At any time our visitors can find out the balance of the funds on a credit card. They can get information about the latest purchases and transfers, and pay for the Internet, mobile communication and other services by the card account. They have also an opportunity to find out the debt on a credit card. They do not have to worry about currency exchange when traveling abroad. They can make purchases and withdraw cash in any currency and around the world.

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